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Just one week ago we launched our NutraSal® website!


The project was born with the idea to provide to the food industry with a single place where information about sodium consumption, salt related health concerns and recommendations, articles, papers and studies, etc. could be found. Navigating through our brand new website, you’ll be able to learn about the daily salt intake per country, sodium consumption and trends per applications, latest studies, sodium regulations from across the globe, etc.


Apart from being a reference for the food industry, NutraSal® website also includes information about our unique range of products. NutraSal® salt substitutes have been formulated to preserve the sensory and technological functions of common salt in food, allowing partial or even total replacement. They can be used in a variety of applications, from Bakery & Pastry to Dairy or Snacks, among others. In fact they can be used in any food category where a reduction of sodium is desired.


Why should we reduce our sodium consumption?


The WHO strongly recommends to decrease the salt daily intake to 5g per day in order to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in adults and children with the objective to reduce the number of strokes and cardiovascular diseases. As you will be able to see if you head to our website www.nutra-sal.com, most of the countries around the world have much higher daily intake rates than the recommended one and over 1.3 billion people suffer from hypertension. Other diseases like gastric cancer or diabetes are also related to the salt levels we consume.


Sodium Reduction in Food


Nowadays and due to our hectic life style, people all over the world consume 75% of their daily salt intake through processed food. Therefore, there is a strong need for food producers to reduce the salt levels in their final products. Our salt substitute line NutraSal®, offers an excellent opportunity as our products have a very intense and pleasant salty taste similar to common salt and can be used individually or together with other solutions available in the market. NutraSal®, a patented technology, allows food producers to reach the sodium reduction levels that they need without compromising taste or microbiological stability.


If you want to learn more about NutraSal® visit our website or contact us. Visit: www.nutra-sal.com