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Last week Disproquima's Food team, together with our colleagues from IGH Flavours & Technology, exhibited at Food Ingredients Europe 2019 in Paris.


During this year’s edition we introduced innovative concepts and ingredients, which were very well received among our visitors like: BeautyDis, Colorants, Minerals, Preservatives, Hydrocolloids, Gelatins, Polyols, Sugars and Sweeteners, Vitamins, etc. 


Special mention must be given to one of our star concepts, a Tomato Juice that contains Nutrasal®, our own salt substitute line, and Fruitflow®, a DSM tomato extract that contributes to a healthy blood flow. Clients were given the option to taste the same tomato juice: one produced with common salt and the other one with Nutrasal® and we are very proud of the good acceptance the one with Nutrasal® received. In fact Nutrasal® has proven to be so effective that we won for the 2nd time the best ingredient award in the category sodium reducer at Prêmio BIS 2019 in Brazil!! 


During this year's edition we also presented a pineapple shot with BiovaFlex® to help support joint health. BiovaFlex® is an egg membrane hydrolysate rich in protein, elastin, collagen, GAGs and Amino Acids. This American ingredient has clinical studies that demonstrates its effectiveness and it's also the only Egg Shell Membrane ingredient approved by EFSA as Novel Food.


We had a great time introducing all these innovations to our clients and as usual, the second day of the exhibition we celebrated our traditional cocktail with hand cut jamón and the finest wine from our country, which was a great opportunity to chat with our partners and customers in a more relaxed environment.