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Currently it is estimated that the total number of vegetarian consumers in the world exceeds the 1.400 million, figures that continue to increase year by year. Additionally, 70% of the world's population claims to be reducing their usual consumption of animal derived products, a trend led by millennials, followed very closely by generation Z.

Younger consumers are more involved with sustainability and animal-welfare than consumers among boomers or generation X. In fact, nearly 40% of these two younger groups are reducing their milk and dairy consumption either to be more eco-friendly or due to their concern about animal exploitation.

Nevertheless, the #1 reason why consumers are deciding either to turn into flexitarians or significantly reducing their dairy and meat consumption is still health. As we all know, health-consciousness has arguably been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, and is the primary reason consumers would consume plant-based alternatives. This sentiment is true across all regions and all generations explored by Global Data, highlighting the importance for brands to emphasize health credentials on product packaging and in marketing campaigns.

However, avoiding certain foods can lead to an inadequate intake of nutrients. Therefore, from Disproquima we would like to talk to you about “Our Top 10 Essentials for Plant-based products”



From our partner DSM, we can propose you our VEGAN & VEGETARIAN PREMIXES, a simple way to fortify your products and offer consumers beneficial nutritional solutions. Our range of premixes with vitamins and minerals are ideal for vegan burgers (vitamins C, D2 and group B together with zinc, iron and selenium), vegetable drinks (vitamins D2 and group B together with calcium and gellan gum) and vegan margarines (vitamins D2, E, group B, zinc and beta-carotene). If you are looking for a more specific solution, we also have the possibility to prepare ad-hoc premixes according to your needs.



NutraSal® is a patented technology with a very intense and pleasant salty taste similar to common salt that can be used individually or together with other solutions available in the market. NutraSal® allows you to reach the sodium reduction levels you need in your product without compromising taste and microbiological stability. By ensuring the best balance between the technological function of salt and the characteristic taste of the product, NutraSal® is the best industrial sodium reduction solution available on the market.



Reaching the right color is crucial for meat alternative products to look like “the real thing”. Again from our partner DSM we can propose you a wide range of B-Carotenes, from yellow to orange and red, both synthetic and natural references. DSM’s B-Carotenes can also claim the Pro-Vitamin A activity giving to your product an extra functionality. Additionally, we can suggest you our caramelized sugars from our partner Felix Koch in order to give color while adding a tasty twist to your vegan or vegetarian products.       



#BeyondSoy is truly a trend nowadays while pea is mainstream at the moment.  But are there more options? From Disproquima we can offer you a wide portfolio including the following sources: oat, fava, lentils, pumpkin, pea, soy, sunflower, hemp, apple, cocoa, wheat, carrot, rice, etc. 



Adding fruits & vegetables into your dairy or meat alternatives will always bring an extra value to your product. Consumers are searching ways to increase their veggies intake and including them into your end products will most likely turn your products into highly appealing goods for consumers. Our fruits and vegetables are manufactured in Colombia and Poland, come in powder form, are water-soluble and can be used in all kinds of F&B formulations.



Plant proteins and fibers can be really challenging to include in dairy and meat alternatives due to its particular taste. If you are looking to sweeten your products, we can offer you different sweetening solutions. From natural options like dates or stevia to other sweeteners like erythritol, thaumatin or fructo-oligosaccharides, this last one also giving an extra functionality thanks to its fiber content and prebiotic effect.



Algae, also called the “Food of the Future”, are an excellent natural source of nutrients, being rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. Our Algae are sustainably cultivated in Scotland and can be used as a source of fiber, as salt replacements, flavor enhancers, etc. If we had to suggest in which applications to include our algae, we would go for soups and broths, snacks, bakery goods or sauces, but they can definitely be added in vegan meats too.



TREHA™ is our must-have solution to mask unpleasant tastes or odors like the typical astringent taste of pea protein. For us it’s a key ingredient because of its many technical advantages: it improves the aftertaste when including high-intensity sweeteners, it can reduce the astringency that amino-acids bring, it masks iron’s metallic taste, it masks the chloride odor from tap water, etc. On top of that, TREHA™, at the right concentration, can help you increase the shelf life of your products, a crucial point if you want to contribute to the “Less Food Waste” movement.



Are you looking to make your products more appealing to consumers? Our toffees and coconut range will definitely help you with that. Either you are looking to target more indulgent consumers with our toffee solutions or you are going for the healthier groups with our coconut options, we have the right ingredients to give to your products the desired touch.



Our last proposal, but a very strategic one indeed, are our flavors. Produced by our sister company IGH Flavours & Technology, our flavors meet the highest quality standards and will make your product unique. Our team works to create tailor made aromas for you in order to include an irreplaceable taste that will make your products standout.


If you are interested in any of our proposals and you would like to receive more information, samples or prototype formulations, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you develop the best meat & dairy alternatives in the market.