In 1974 we had a dream and 40 years later, the reality far exceeded that dream.

Today, DISPROQUIMA is a group with a presence on four continents with a high degree of expertise in distribution, marketing and product development, services and solutions to the world of “LIFE SCIENCES”.

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Life pharma products

Disproquima offers a wide range of services to their customers.

We deal with reliable and well-known suppliers worldwide with appropriate quality standards, which allow us to offer a large list of products to cover all your needs.

APIs duly documented (DMF/COS, GMPs, WC), vitamins, flavours, excipients and several delivery platforms for pharmaceutical & nutraceutical direct compression, quick solving, effervescent forms…


Life beauty products

We are involved in many fields of Personal Care such as Skin care, Hair care, Sun care, Oral care and Make up, distributing a wide range of products: moisturizers, skin bioactives, vitamins, UV filters, sweeteners, hyaluronic acid, vegetable extracts, peptides, aloe vera, etc.

We also offer a service which includes looking for products and their development as well as a quality service providing technical and regulatory support.



    Wide range of active ingredients for skin care


    Sunscreens for daily skin protection


    Caring for the health of your teeth and gums


    The power of vitamins for a daily beauty


    Ingredients, protection and daily care for the hair

Life food & health food products

We have a complete range of functional ingredients, commodities and additives, plus extensive and specialized knowledge on their application and processing. Our main aim is to optimize the industrial development and implementation of all kind of products within the following sectors:

Chocolate – Dairy & Ice-Creams – Bakery & Biscuits Health Food & Nutritional Supplements – Beverages Meat – Sports Nutrition – Ready Fruit – Culinary products – Flavors .

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Life feed products

We supply raw materials and natural-synthetic additives for premix and feed factories, and pet food industry.

We have a wide range of completely qualified products, some with a long experience in the market and with our own brand, like natural pigments (Cromo Oro) and Yucca Star; all of them assuring the best quality standard and specially designed to comply our customers necessities.



To help our customers and suppliers to achieve their objectives through a WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES.


Disproquima wants to be a reference in the LIFE SCIENCES field, by commercializing and distributing raw materials, functional ingredients, excipients and active principle ingredients for:

Animal & Pet Nutrition / Animal Health / Fine Chemicals / Personal & Home Care / Pharmaceutical Companies / Food and Health Food / Agribusiness



Continuous quality

In accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 and according to the legal requirements (GMP, GDP, REACH, and CLP) which guarantees the complete traceability of the products, health and safety at work and finally respect for the environment.



Disproquima is currently present in different countries and continents, from China to Morocco, also France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Brazil and Spain. Working in very different markets in each one, but at the same time with very similar needs.



With our highly specialized staff we provide our customers with support and assistance. The honesty, teamwork and effort are the central axis of our social-work relationship.


We provide Quality from all areas of our Company, providing added value to the supply chain.

Our specialized staff provides our customers technical and regulatory support.

We work with our suppliers to ensure the compliance of our products with the applicable regulations (GMP/GDP, REACH and CLP).

Disproquima has a system of Quality Management according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

You can ask for a copy of these certificates contacting our Quality Department:

Supply Chain

Our activity is focused on adding value to the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the customer.

The premises cover more than 8.000 m2 which are designed in different warehouses in order to store each product in the best conditions and according to the applicable regulations (toxic, flammable, pharma, cold room…).

The storage conditions (both the temperature and the humidity) are monitored to guarantee the quality of the products.

The validation of the business management software (ERP) and a quality system based on risk management allows us to assure full traceability of batches and complies with Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

Disproquima News




Las month of May , the regional Sales Manager EMEA , Mr.Pere Crespo  and VP of Technical Service MR. Valdemir Passos  of Blanver visits China and we've made a tour trip to Suppliers and clients to maintain a multilateral cooperation.
Mr.Pere Crespo also gave our colleagues a product training in our Chinese office.


20Th Floraglo Lutein anniversary congress


The 2nd of June was held in Lisbon the 20th Floraglo Lutein anniversary congress. The event was organized by Disproquima´s principal, DSM Nutritional Products and Kemin Industries who brought together the world’s leading experts on lutein and zeaxanthin to present revolutionary new research on visual performance and brain function.

During this unique seminar, the participants made interesting presentations about damaging effects of blue light to eye health, how adequate dietary solutions will protect the eyes and the importance of lutein for brain and cognitive health across our lifespan. The conference closed with a marketing session covering insights on the OTC market.




For first time DISPROQUIMA, has had a booth in the VITAFOODS exhibition that was hold in Geneve.

Was amazing, we didn’t expect the amount of visits that we received in our booth. Very professional ones, with clear interest in our products and concepts.
DISPROQUIMA, together with our sister company IGH present during the exhibition days ( May 10th – 12th) several concepts, flavours and ingredients like our products:

  • HIGH PROTEIN CHICKEN SOUP , with Hydrolysed chicken protein isolate and Polidextrose.
  • NUTRACEUTICAL DRINKS, with Fish collagen, Hyaluronic Acid; Coenzyme Q10, Steviadis; Aloe Vera, Erythritol and different Flavours : berries, lemon ,orange.
  • SHARK BEVERAGE, with shark cartilage, Erythritol, Steviadis and masking flavour
  • HEALTHY GUMMIES, with Hyaluronic Acid, Xylitol, Fructose, Bovine collagen , Steviadis , Ascorbic Acid and raspberry flavour.

VITAFOODS is the key exhibition in the nutraceuticals world and DISPROQUIMA will be present in the next edition. We will prepared to offer ideas, concepts and new developments to help our future customers to create a world of possibilities.


CFIA 2016 Rennes


Disproquima France was this year again present at the CFIA, which took place in Rennes from 7th to 10th of March 2016.

We have had the pleasure to welcome on the booth collaborators from two of our Partners: Felix Koch Offenbach, leader in caramelized sugar (powder and syrup) and Vika, expert in stocks and cheeses (powder, grated, melted).

This exhibition has been a great asset to introduce new solutions to our customers and to create connexions with potential buyers. We will pursue our efforts to succeed in converting those opportunities into new long-term relationships!


PCHI Shanghai 2016


Personal Care and Homecare Ingredient "PCHI" 2016 China was hold in Shanghai Expo from March 1-3. Disproquima participated this fair together with one of our suppliers Herbarom, a French Essential oil manufacture. During these three days, we've had meetings with International and Chinese local cosmetic and personal care manufactures to promote our main products. We hope to develop the beauty business in this market together with our suppliers and clients.

Disproquima, a world of possibilities.


Disproquima Group has a new operative subsidiary in México.


Since last January 4 th of 2016, Disproquima has started its operations in North&Central America Area through a new subsidiary in Mexico .

The office is located in the well-known World Trade Center (WTC) in Mexico D.F., and its address is Montecito 38, level 2 right side, number 9, office 10, Col. Nápoles, Benito Juárez, C.P. 03810, Mexico D.F.

In order to drive operations in the new market, new experienced mexican staff has been hired. Their efforts will be mainly focused on the development of the business in the Food and Pharma sectors, although Personal Care and Feed sector needs will be also taken into account.

After some attempts to start business in the Area, Disproquima finally opted for this great and full of opportunities country, in the hope that Mexico serve Disproquima as a platform to expand its operations to the rest of the Area in a near future.




Food Ingredients Europe 2015 took place in Paris last December 1-3 and was a fantastic event for the food and beverage ingredients industry. The show brought visitors from over 120 countries and over 1400 exhibitors.

Those days, company´s Food division members attended with the intention of meeting their customers & suppliers. Division´s staff met with supplier as Nascent, EMP, Felix Koch, etc, in order to discuss about the current situation and future.

They also met with customers such as Galam, Andros, etc and they had a conversation about the current projects we are carrying out with them and future interesting projects.

Due to the sad events happened in Paris a few weeks before the exhibition it is said that there was less turnout, but we are confident that our presence at the show will bring us success and it will be profitable for Disproquima.


CPHI Worldwide – Madrid


Last October (From 13th to 15th) , it took place the CphI Worlwide in Madrid.

As every year, Disproquima was present with a large booth and all the members of the Pharma Division team.

The CphI is considered one of the most influential Internationally for the pharmaceutical industry as well as the most important event in the chemical and pharmaceutical world.

The event was composed around a total of 20 different areas covering the entire range of products offered by 2,500 exhibitor companies from all over the world and an influx of over 36,000 professionals from 153 countries.

We had the opportunity to meet our main suppliers and customers and we offered a cocktail on the 14th where we could see a high attendance of our partners.

The show was very successful and once again it allowed us to get new contacts and business opportunities to continue our growth within the pharmaceutical Industry.


Maghreb Pharma


Pharma Maghreb exhibition took place at Hotel Hilton Algiers ( Algeria ) from September 29th up to October 1st. Disproquima, again showing its commitment with the Development of Pharmaceutical Industry in Algeria was there and had its own booth in the exhibition by third time.

This time we shared our booth with our new principal in the territory, Colorcon, and also we took advantage to promote another new principal in the area, although being well-know by the Company, SPI PHARMA.

Not only we had new principals this year at Pharma Maghreb, but also we had a new member of Disproquima´s family joining us: Mr. Akli Amara, who will be responsible for sales in Algeria altogether with our team there.

Although exhibition is small, we had plenty of meetings and visitors coming through our booth during the whole 3 days, so we were extremely happy of the development of exhibition and want to thank Maghreb´s team for their effort and good performance.

We are sure with this team, and thanks to deep commitment from Disproquima on investing in the territory, we will suceed and North of Africa will be also a strong and powerful market for Disproquima in short future.




Last 6th October 2015, DISPROQUIMA celebrated a seminar focused on nutrition in sport, it proved to be a great success, and it was a well attended event by customers involved sectors (Sport Nutrition & Dietary supplements)

The one-day seminar was organized jointly with our principal DuPont and with our sister company IGH.

The quality of the speakers and the unique “ CAR SANT CUGAT” facilities made a superb and highly productive day.

With this marketing action we hope to increase our presence in these sectors which are showing a high growth in the last few years.

Congratulations to all who, directly or indirectly, were involved and helped to make this event happen.


Oraldispersible Forms Innovative Solutions


On 17th September 2015 at University of Milan has been held as an hands on Seminar.

The Seminar has been organized by Disproquima Italy Team with the support and contribution of SPI Pharma, IGH Flavours and Technologies and the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Milan.

Seminar has been divided in two parts :

In the morning presentations session introducing companies and products with specific technical focus on OD forms and in the afternoon a practical session in the Labs of the University producing on lab scale tablets and sachets with Co-processed Excipients Systems Pharmaburst and Pharmasperse developed by SPI Pharma.

Speakers were from SPI Pharma, IGH and Disproquima.

Invitations has been sent to those who are working in the R&D Departments of both Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical companies, nationals and multinationals.
About 20 % of the invited persons have attended the Seminar with very good feedback and interactions.

All in All the Seminar has been evaluated successful and we had already positive follows up from some of the companies that attended.




After one year from its implementation at Disproquima structure, newly created has been able to build up a portfolio
of more than 100 generic products and near
to 30 products from different categories like medical devices, food supplements, cosme-ceuticals and OTCs.

Recently we have reached Agency Agreements with several partners and working on some other deals to be finalised shortly.

In fact, Disproquima has concluded its first sale of a generic product from Spanish partner into Croatian market. Also, thanks to Disproquima, it has been signed an agreement for an ophthalmologic product, between a Spanish client and an Italian supplier.

Whereas growing, FDF/ Licensing Business Unit is emerging as a strategic business field for the Company which is thankful to the whole Pharma team in the Company for their efforts and devotion.


FIGAN –Animal Production Fair


March 17-20 took place the 12th edition of FIGAN in Zaragoza, the International Fair for Animal Production. On 17th and 18th, company’s feed division attended with the intention of meeting with their key customers and suppliers.

We had the opportunity to visit the stands from important customers like Caceco, Complementos de Piensos Compuestos, Corporación Alimentaria Guisona, Miavit, Nanta, Norel, Trouw, Liptosa, Omega, among others.

We also coincided in the fair with customers and suppliers as Setna, Nutral, Elmubas, Nutega, Indukern; with wich crossed words and take the opportunity to discuss about the current market situation and futures.

Moreover, the show was taken to strengthen relationships with some pigments manufacturers and other newest products suppliers on the market as XOS, the latest in contact trough Portugal division feed. Also with regular suppliers as LACTOPRODUCTION, with which we shared a pleasant meal.
Overall impressions of the show were very successful and profitable for the feed division, which could get a little closer with customers and exchange views and market prospects.

19_ENE 2016_Applications Dept.

New Applications Department


Disproquima launched its new applications department last 1st February 2015 aiming to offer a comprehensive service to its clients.

The main goal of this new department lies in offering companies concepts, ideas, development, knowledge and usage instructions that help them ease the process of launching innovative products, functional proposals, productive and competitive improvements that allow them to increase their share in the value chain within the current food and nutrition market.

Disproquima has set a wide variety of human and material resources to get this objective, from experts in the different food and nutrition areas, to application labs (from its subsidiary IGH Flavours & Technology) where to develop models in similar conditions to those used in industrial premises.

This year and subsequent , Disproquima intends to invest in the extension of labs and pilot plant to offer this brand new application service to manufacturers of the following products:

  • Ice cream and Dairy products
  • Baking, pastries and confectionery
  • Soft drinks and juices
  • Meat products
  • Chocolate, sweets, snacks and cereal
  • Processed fruit, vegetables, canned food
  • Scents, sweeteners
  • Culinary products, sauces and soups
  • Dietetic, dietary supplements
  • Sports nutrition

Our applications technicians are at your entire disposal to collaborate with your Marketing, I+D and Production departments. This division is lead by Ms. Mayte Ruiz, contact details below:



Disproquima is proud to inform that have reached Agency Agreement with Company COLORCON for sale and promotion of its products in Algerian market.

COLORCON is a world leader in the development, supply and technical support of formulated film coating systems, modified release technologies, and functional excipients for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries.

s commitment with Algerian market. Being active in North-Africa for almost one decade now, Disproquima keeps on investing and supporting market development in Maghreb cooperating with high-class and quality-based suppliers well-known all around the globe.

s deal provides Disproquima with a superb product portfolio which was already a reference in the market thanks to other partners in the territory as for example Brazilian Company BLANVER, or Swiss-based vitamins market leader DSM NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS.



Disproquima is pleased to inform that agreement has been reached with Company APPLUS for sales rights of active ingredient called ECTOIN on worldwide and exclusive basis.
Applus+ Laboratories collaborates with the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological industries offer- ing integral industrialization and R&D services. We offer solutions focused on lowering time, costs, and risks in the production of all types of chemical processes.

We have a highly qualified staff, and flexible fully equipped facilities to carry out a large variety of projects. From our laboratories and pilot plant, we provide you with technological solutions throughout your products' value chain, covering the design, manufacture, and validation stages. For the pharmaceutical and related industries, we work under the strictest quality standards. Our pilot plant operates according to GMP and in compliance with the ICH-Q7 standards.

Applus has developed an innovation new biotechnological and peptide engineering process for production of ECTOIN. Ectoin® is a derivate of an amino acid found in extremophilic microorganisms. It protects them from extreme variations in temperatures from 60°C during noon to 0°C during the night and a low humidity of only 5%. Such conditions can be found in Wadi El Natrun (Natron Valley), Egypt. There, in a salt lake, Ectoin® was found for the first time. Each life-form that is not protected by Ectoin® would die under these conditions in a very short time. Ectoin® gives extremophiles the capability to survive in this environment.

Ectoin® has e.g. cell-protective properties that can be used in Medical Devices and Life Science as well as in cosmetics.

Some other properties of Ectoin® and their benefits for the respective applications are listed below:

Cell membranes are stabilized by Ectoin® and protected from the entry of e.g. allergens. This property is used in the Ectoin® Allergy products for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis by reducing symptoms as for example redness, itching or burning.

Ectoin® has inflammation-reducing properties. Used in a cream, Ectoin® can prolong the flare-free phase of atopic dermatitis. Ectoin® in nose or throat sprays reduces the symptoms of the disease.

In eye drops and nasal sprays Ectoin® cares for a moist milieu of the epithelia. Ectoin® forms an Ectoin® Hydro Compex with the water outside of cells and keeps them humid.


IPP EXPO – Atlanta


IPP Expo take place in January, in Atlanta. IPPE is the world's largest annual poultry, feed, and meat technology exposition; all segments of the industries are represented. Disproquima’s feed division had occasion to visit the fair and get a better international market vision and potential new suppliers and products.

At the fair there were many American and South American presence, but also important European presences, as DuPont or Norel, among others; and Asian presence. The sensations were positive and allow us to open new possibilities with some products and suppliers in the near future.

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